Mark Schoenfeld

“Talent is everywhere - put me in a town with only 1,000 people and I’ll find you a Julia Roberts and a Brad Pitt.”

- Mark Schoenfeld

Crowned “The Pitchman of Hollywood” by Jeffrey Katzenberg - founder of Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg

Mark in a meeting with Kendall Jenner discussing the 14 year old Mississippi model Mark discovered

“I asked Mark to become my partner for 3 reasons: 1. His unique eye to spot future stars. 2. His unbridled creativity and

3. He’s UNSTOPPABLE.” - Freddy DeMann, legendary manager of MADONNA, Michael Jackson, Shakira, etc. & with his daughter Pilar managed THE KARDASHIANS; multiple Tony award winner, multiple Golden Globe award winner

“Mark has the ability to find that ’je ne sais quoi,’ whatever that star element is. Once he’s a believer in your ability, he’s a pitbull. He’s never gonna let go. He’ll STOP AT NOTHING TO MAKE THAT PERSON SUCCESSFUL.” - Richard Arlook, Hollywood power agent

“Mark brought me a funk group which I signed to my label: MANHATTAN RECORDS/EMI. It was at that moment that I recognized that Mark is a MASTERMIND.” - Bruce Lundvall, chairman of RIAA (the Recording Industry Association of America), chairman of CMA (Country Music Association), chairman of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences)

“I became a producer of BKLYN: The Musical when I saw mark pitch it…it WAS ALL HEART AND SOUL. That’s who he is.” - Brian Brolly, manager of PAUL MCCARTNEY (the Beatles) partners with ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER

“Mark taught me the show biz game . I owe it all to him. There’s no one in show biz that he can’t get to. I can sum up Mark in just four words - HE MAKES THINGS HAPPEN.” - Scott Prisand, Hollywood & Broadway producer: Rock of Ages on Broadway, Rock of Ages with TOM CRUISE, Hesher with NATALIE PORTMAN

“Be unique, you’re never rewarded for following the herd.” - Mark Schoenfeld

“Playing it safe is the riskiest thing you can do.” - Mark Schoenfeld

Len White


(after Mark pitched him his movie)

“You have just CHANGED THE GAME.”

“Anyone who’s known Mark for more than five minutes knows there’s no denying Mark Schoenfeld is A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. He breaks all the rules.” - Ron Alexenburg, President of Epic Records: MICHAEL JACKSON, Meatloaf, Heart, etc.

Jeff Calhoun


“Mark pitched me in front of the monkey cages at the Central Park Zoo…with just a boom box and a beret. I thought the pitch would be the usual 5-10 minutes, but he started talking and 45 minutes later he stopped. I never saw anything like that before. I thought he was full-on nuts, but in a GENIUS SORT OF WAY. I told him right then and there that I would direct and produce and bring it to the Broadway stage.”

“Wow! That was a stunning pitch, maybe THE GREATEST IVE EVER SEEN…sold!” - HUGH JACKMAN - Emmy, Tony, and Grammy winning actor

“Mark is a take-no-prisoners manager/producer. He doesn’t knock on the door, HE KICKS IT IN. And his clients reap all the rewards.” - Dave Pensado, legendary mix engineer/producer (BEYONCÉ, P!NK, KELLY CLARKSON, JUSTIN BIEBER, etc)

“If you’re casual about your dreams, your dreams will end up a casualty.” - Mark Schoenfeld

“Mark took BROADWAY into the modern age of American Idol, and CHANGED IT FOREVER. You decide if that’s good or bad.” - Coy Middlebrook, DISNEY producer/director, Broadway director, developing movies with BRADLEY COOPER

“Like no one I’ve ever met, Schoenfeld creates love, beauty and kindness. He identifies those qualities in others and brings them forward to the fullest of vernal blooms. It’s no wonder; his profound ability to identify, nurture & champion pure, raw talent.” - Songwriter/Recording Artist/Concord Records - Senior Director of Business Development at Concord Records

Lorenzo di Bonaventura


(after watching Mark’s pitch for a movie)

“Who do I send the deal memo to? Who’s your attorney?”

“Mark Schoenfeld has an ungodly, or, should I say, OTHERWORLDLY SENSE for talent. He knows what people will want. Mark can OPEN DOORS you didn’t even know were there.” - Terry Schnuck, Broadway producer, 5X TONY AWARD WINNER: Beautiful (the Carole King Musical), Spring Awaking, Fun Home, Hair, etc.

“Mark will NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU! You may give up on yourself, but he never will.” - Jodi Katz (lead singer/dancer with TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, singer for CHER & MILEY CYRUS)

“In all my years in this business, no other pitch has TRANSFIXED me more than yours. I crown you THE PITCHMAN OF HOLLYWOOD.” - Jeffrey Katzenberg, owner of Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg

“Many bring talent to the ALTAR OF HOLLYWOOD, but few can deliver the sermon to open it’s pearly gates...AND THEN CAME SCHOENFELD” - Steve Costa, VP of Revlon (discovered NATALIE PORTMAN)

“I was there when the COOLEST M*THERF*CKER that ever walked into a corporate board room pitched the CEO and his top lieutenants of Transamerica a movie project. They all thought he was from outer space. But when he finished 45 minutes later, the CEO said ‘How much do you want and HOW DO I GET YOU TO WORK FOR MY COMPANY?’” - Joe Trentacosta, Broadway & Hollywood PR agent

“I met mark 25 years ago when he hired me to be the musical coordinator for a DISNEY MOVIE he wrote called “BROOKLYN” which also became a BROADWAY MUSICAL a few years later. So it’s best I describe Mark in musical terms…he is a triple forte that rises to a crescendo.” - Marc Jackson, Hollywood based music supervisor for TV & Movies

“Dear Mark,

I have been wanting to write to you for quite some time but never had the courage to. Every year my parents and I went to New York City for Thanksgiving. We would always try and make it to see at least one Broadway show. We ended up with tickets to BKLYN the Musical. I was 13 YEARS OLD. It was and still remains the best thing I have ever seen on Broadway. My parents have never seen a show twice; and WE WENT TWICE IN THE SAME WEEK to see BKLYN! We ended up meeting you personally after the show and got to tell you in person how much we loved it and how WE HAD NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE. You were so VERY KIND and ENCOURAGING to a 13 year old me.

I was so taken by your song “Raven” and your show which followed me throughout my own musical career. I used it to audition to musical theatre schools, I used it in auditions to make myself known in NYC, and eventually ended up using it for my audition to the United States Air Force Band. THAT SONG LANDED ME EVERY MAJOR JOB I EVER HAD and landed me my job now, as a singer in the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE BAND of the West.



Leah Fox, United States Air Force

“Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved by ordinary means.” - Mark Schoenfeld

“I met Mark fresh out of school and quickly became a senior writer for PEOPLE MAGAZINE and a 6X NY TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR. I’m a lifelong student of The School of Schoenfeld.” - Mark Dagostino, author & screenwriter (The Magnolia Story with CHIP & JOANNA GAINES)

“I’ve known Mark for over 30+ years: HE MAKES THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.” - Bob Leone (discovered LADY GAGA & LANA DEL REY)

Tommy Tune


“After watching Mark pitch, I told Jeff Calhoun to just put him on Broadway with nothing but a boom box and a beret. It was that UNIQUE. That EXHILARATING.”

David Vogel


“That was FASCINATING. But you have no script. How do I buy a pitch?”

Mark Schoenfeld

“You write me a check.”

“After an hour long pitch from Mark, we were so MESMERIZED that we fully didn’t comprehend of what we just witnessed…but we knew it was BRILLIANT. We called up the head honchos at Disney: David Vogel (PRESIDENT of THE WALT DISNEY MOTION PICTURE GROUP), Kathy Nelson (PRESIDENT of MUSIC at THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY), and casting director Sharon Bialy (BREAKING BAD, THE WALKING DEAD, THE HANDMAIDS TALE, etc). Disney signed him to a development deal and gave him an office on the Disney campus. And then we all went to work.” - Lori Herek (PRODUCER) & Stephen Herek (DIRECTOR - MR HOLLAND’S OPUS, 101 DALMATIONS)

“View every ‘no’ as a ‘know,’ and that KNOWledge will lead you to a ‘YES!’ - Mark Schoenfeld

“Mark is chutzpah on steroids.” - Walter Yetnikoff, CEO & President of Sony Music Entertainment: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BILLY JOEL, BOB DYLAN, BARBRA STREISAND

Sharon Bialy


“Lori & Stephen Herek hired me to cast BKLYN: The Musical for a Los Angeles workshop production. They had me watch Mark’s pitch. It was a VIRTUOSIC PERFORMANCE.”

“I was a producer of Mark’s Broadway show “BKLYN: The Musical.” I would hang with Mark during the entire Broadway run. Here are the 3 words that best describe Mark: CREATIVE. DECISIVE. RELENTLESS. However I must add a 4th word: COMPASSIONATE.” - Danny Seraphine, ROCK N’ ROLL HALL OF FAME (drummer of the legendary group CHICAGO)

“There’s a reason that Mark Schoenfeld has mentored, guided and inspired more stunning, breathtaking and TOTALLY UNIQUE talent than even he could count:  it’s because Mark is a man of stunning, breathtaking and totally unique talent himself.  An exquisite songwriter and collaborator, conceptualist and supporter, he’s also the WORLD’S MOST IRREPRESSIBLE ENTHUSIAST.  If you’re lucky enough to enter his POWERFUL FORCE FIELD, you’ll see: he can sell you on anything, mostly on yourself, your own stunning, breathtaking and totally unique talent and your own dreams.  MARK IS A NATIONAL TREASURE and a credit to a business not always known for its kindness and integrity, both of which he has to the max.” - AND THE OSCAR GOES TO… Ernest Thompson, ACADEMY AWAY WINNING SCREENWRITER (On Golden Pond)

“Mark is a contradiction in terms. He doesn’t party, smoke, drink, or do drugs. He is of the HIGHEST MORAL CHARACTER, yet he is ALWAYS the hippest guy in the room.” - Robert Galinsky - NY poet, actor, producer, director, & acting coach (RAPPER 50 CENT)

“Talent in and of itself will never conquer the world of show business, you need a conqueror, and that’s what I am.” - Mark Schoenfeld

Mark Schoenfeld, active in the business for over 50 years

Mark Schoenfeld has had five major record label deals (Capitol, EMI, Manhattan Records, Razor & Tie, and Motown).

He sold five pitches/projects to Hollywood studios (Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Orion Pictures, Miramax, and Disney).

He wrote, composed, and produced the Broadway musical “BKLYN: the Musical” (2004).

Superstar Hugh Jackman is co-producing with Mark on his animated musical: “Music Boy.”

He created 7 reality shows during the pandemic of 2020-2021. 3 have sold so far.

Mark is now in the business of discovering new talent.

Click the links below to read about Mark’s discoveries: Jasmen Hunter, Nina Dicker, and Evans Rhett!


Above: Mark with Jodi Katz, lead singer & dancer with Trans Siberian Orchestra ,backup singer for Cher,Miley Cyrus. Mark discovered Jodi at 17 yrs old.

Left: Nina Dicker (comedy writer/actress), Mark Schoenfeld’s latest discovery, posing with her newly published book “Tangerine Vagina: True Stories of Childhood Misfortune and Meaningless Sex” For more information visit her website or socials!

Right: Mark with latest discovery, pop/dance artist Jasmen Hunter in Beverly Hills taking a meeting with Bradley Bredeweg (creator of The Fosters, Good Trouble)

Above: Mark with Tony award winner Karen Olivo and Eden Espinosa at the 15th year reunion of his Broadway show “BKLYN: the Musical”.

Above: Tony winner Karen Olivo with Mark at the 15th anniversary of “BKLYN: the Musical”

Above: Watch Hollywood power agent Richard Arlook speak of Mark Schoenfeld to producer/director Robert Galinsky

Above: Watch performer Jodi Katz explain to producer/director Galinsky how Mark took her from rags to riches!

Above: Watch Mark on the streets of Broadway hawking his Broadway musical “BKLYN: the Musical”

Above: Jasmen Hunter on BronxTV speaking about Mark Schoenfeld

ABOVE: click to watch the song sung by Broadway Star Eden Espinosa

ABOVE: click to watch the song sung by Broadway Star Ramona Keller

ABOVE: click to watch the song sung by Broadway Star Eden Espinosa

TESTIMONIALS from some of Mark’s recent discoveries

“Mark took me from RAGS TO RICHES. He made me into a BUSINESS WOMAN besides the artist on the stage. He’s so eccentric. He’s so creative. He’s so passionate. There’s NOT ANYONE LIKE HIM. And the PEOPLE HE KNOWS ARE RIDICULOUS. I went to the University of Schoenfeld.”

- Jodi Katz (lead singer/dancer with TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, singer for CHER & MILEY CYRUS)

Above: Watch JODI KATZ tell her LIFE STORY on WMUR/chronicle

“Mark changed my life. He took me from the bottom to the top in 8 DAYS OF WONDER in Beverly Hills and LA. I met with the biggest names in producing, mixing and Hollywood and ACCOMPLISHED THE IMPOSSIBLE and its all thanks to MARK SCHOENFELD!" - Jasmen Hunter (pop/dance artist)


“I met Mark just a year ago only through zooms. Today I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR of “Tangerine Vagina: True Stories of Childhood Misfortune and Meaningless Sex” which HAS BEEN OPTIONED and adapted into a reality TV series entitled “Confessions of a CoHo” (short for College Hoe). I’ve also performed with A list talent like Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games), Wunmi Mosaku (Loki), Maryann Plunkett (Manifest, Dr. Death), and Roger Guenveur Smith (Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X). Mark is a FORCE OF NATURE.”

- Nina Dicker (comedy writer, actress)

Above: Watch NINA DICKER perform with A LIST ACTRESS Maryann Plunkett

“Mark INSPIRED ME to write the song and YouTube video “The Death of a Taylor Swift Wannabe,” which was autobiographical in so many ways. I was 15 years old when he MENTORED ME with his knowledge of show business, creativity, and KINDNESS. Today I am co-writing with TAYLOR SWIFT’S INNER CIRCLE in Nashville, TN.” - Emma Jedow (songwriter)


“Mark is a CHEMICAL FORMULA of creativity, networking, marketing, and promotion. He TAUGHT ME: ‘why be one thing when you can be all things?’” - Connor Hayes (GRAMMY NOMINATED VIDEO PRODUCER)

Above: watch CONNOR HAYES’ BRUTAL video “Frozen” starring Joyner Lucas

“Believe me, Mark is not creative 24/7 like everyone says he is, he’s creative 25/8!!!” - Carlos Martinez (commercial/voiceover artist)

Above: click to listen to Carlos Martinez voiceover reel

“I have NEVER MET MARK IN PERSON, not yet anyway. I live in Sweden and since being introduced to Mark by the NYC/LA based playwright and director Robert Galinsky, all of our contact has been via zoom and mail. The extent of Mark’s KNOWLEDGE OF THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS is enormous, as is his contact network. I’m so GRATEFUL for all the help, advice, and support Mark has given me. He truly has a HEART OF GOLD. I am now represented by a New York agent because of Mark.” - Rob Gott (actor)

Above: click to watch actor/creator Rob Gott’s “Thinking Outside the Box” - video 1

Above: click to watch actor/creator Rob Gott’s “Thinking Outside the Box” - video 2

“Mr. Mark had me in a WHIRLWIND by the time he discovered me at 14 years old. I found myself in NYC in a meeting with the CEO of ESTÉE LAUDER and the PRESIDENT of VERA WANG. I found myself a few days later in Beverly Hills at a meeting with NEXT MODELS, who wanted to sign me for runway, and GUESS, who wanted me for editorial modeling. There’s only ONE MAN IN THE WORLD who could’ve accomplished all this that fast and that’s my SUPERHERO: Mr. Mark. I will always love him and forever be his biggest fan.” - Evans Rhett from Mississippi (model)

Above: watch 14 year old Evans from Mississippi having fun at a photo session (video 1)

Above: watch 14 year old Evans from Mississippi having fun at a photo session (video 2)

“I auditioned for Mark and boy did he put me THROUGH THE RINGER, then he said: ‘Girl, have you ever thought of Broadway for a career?’ Within a month I was auditioning for Trans Siberian Orchestra and MEETING HOLLYWOOD & BROADWAY PRODUCERS in Los Angeles. Phew, that’s how fast it happened. Then the pandemic stopped the ascent. To say it’s exciting working and learning from Mark is an understatement. By the way - Trans Siberian Orchestra said ‘WE WANT YOU!’ Working with Mark is not a roller coaster, IT’S A ROCKET SHIP. - Victoria Fatukasi (soul singer)

Above: watch Victoria perform “It’s A Man’s World”

Mark Schoenfeld

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